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Chiparamba Breakthrough Weekend Update

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy (CBSA) currently operates in four sites. 1. University of Zambia (UNZA) The CBSA Amateur is the biggest age group that we currently have under the Sports Academy. Last weekend the amateur team played away in Ngombe and the team lost by 1-2. Currently, the team has only one goalkeeper, because the other two goalkeepers are injured. Furthermore, several of our players in the Amateur team have been called up for the Zambia Under-17 National team. The boys include Sailus Phiri, Danny Siapelela, Lincoln Muma, Gibby Simengwa, and Besamu Banda. 2. Emmasdale The under-17 boys played at home against Dark Horse. Our boys won, 5-4. The under-15 boys failed to travel for their away game. 3. Garden On Saturday, Garden CBSA played Chawama Academy and they won, 2-1. On Sunday they played Sport in Action and lost, 4-2. 4. Northmead The under-17 boys played in a local derby against CBSA 1, winning by a margin of 3-0. 5. Faz Women’s League The Football Association of Zambia women’s league has started, and Chiparamba Breakthrough girls have played 5 games. Last weekend they played away to Chilenje Girls to a 0-0 draw.

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