Every Zambian child a leader



Did you know that the Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy trained four members of the Zambian national football team who won the Africa Cup in 2012?

Read on, and you’ll understand how that happened.

The Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy (CBSA) is a nonprofit, community-based organisation dedicated to instilling resiliency, passion for learning, and skills for leadership among young people in Zambia between 4 and 20 years of age. Operating in both rural and urban areas across Zambia, we use sports to engage youth in education and community development initiatives.

CBSA innovatively employs sport as a point of entry to a broad gamut of social issues. Our main programmes include:

  • We operate a School Sponsorship program, which pays school fees for 400 boys and girls ranging from grade 6 to grade 12 through donations from Sweden, Norway, and Zambia.
  • Our Youth Development Through Football programme imparts life skills to young people and develops health and sanitation programs. On this important effort, we work in collaboration with a German NGO as well as with the Zambian Street Football Network, a project supported by FIFA under its Football For Hope project.
  • Our Junior Sports Leadership Program trains players in leadership and coaching within both CBSA and their communities, motivating younger players to become involved in sport.

We also partner with South African-based Grassroot Soccer in three refugee camps, where they have set up a continuous football league and HIV education program for both girls’ and boys’ football teams.

CBSA creates sporting opportunities for all children, not just those with athletic ability. We create individualized programmes with monthly evaluation reports available to parents or guardians.

In all our activities, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of incorporating social messages into the beautiful game loved by millions of Zambian youth. CBSA’s vision is to become a global leader in the use of sport, especially football, for development at the grassroots level.

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