Every Zambian child a leader



School Sponsorship

The CBSA school sponsorship program began in 2004 once we realized thatBTS some of our young players were unable to attend school, as their families could not afford to pay their school fees. As a result, in our first year as a project, we recognized the value of education to contribute to young people’s holistic development.

CBSA members quickly moved to sponsor a small number of players to go back to school. Currently, CBSA supports more than 300 boys and girls ranging from grade 6 to grade 12 through donations from the Chiparamba Foundation in Sweden, the Norwegian Africa Aid program, and individual donors in Zambia.

Zambia Streetfootball Network Program

In 2006, CBSA established the Zambia Street Football Network (ZSFN) whereby staff working in football-based organisations could come together to play football and share tools with one another for using sport as a tool for development. The major focus of the network is to learn from best practices and collaboration to better organise exciting sports and recreational activities for children and youth.ZSFN

CBSA is heavily involved in the strategic planning and management of the ZSFN. The network has three other partners — Grassroot Soccer, Kalim Sports Council, and Bauleni Sports Academy — that are all involved in implementing community projects using football as a tool and HIV/AIDS education. CBSA has in the last three years helped to organize local events in Lusaka aimed at increasing participation within the ZSFN communities. The network plans to increase the number of participating partners within Zambia.

The ZSFN is a project supported in the framework of the Football for Hope Movement, the key element of a strategic alliance between FIFA and streetfootballworld. The objective is to establish a quality seal for sustainable social and human development programs focusing on football as the central tool in areas of health promotion; peace building; anti-discrimination and social integration; children’s rights and education; as well as environment to support best practices in the field. CBSA is a proud implementing partner of the Football for Hope Movement and the ZSFN.


Junior Sports Leadership Programme

CBSA uses sport as a tool for promoting youth leadership. Volunteer work in our township has increased among youths and the need to train them in leadership has become an important task.283432_605869206108018_2082038222_n

CBSA have so far trained 18 Junior Sports Leaders who commenced as players and then grew into coaching roles within CBSA and their communities. CBSA coaches are currently running under-12 and under-14 teams within the township. The Junior Sports Leadership Programme is the backbone of CBSA. These coaches motivate younger players to become involved in sport.


Refugee Camp Projects

Since 2005 CBSA and Grassroot Soccer have been working in the refugee camps of Mayukwa-yukwa, Nangweshi, and Maheba and have set up a continuous football league and HIV education program for girls’ and boys’ football teams.CBSA has also trained local leaders in coaching and event management who have continued to support the football structures within refugee camps. The startup project was funded by the International Organisation for Migration.refugee1

In 2009, UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency) contracted with CBSA and Grassroot Soccer (GRS) to continue HIV/AIDS awareness and training of football leaders in the refugee camps, and the two organisations have since organized Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) tournaments. In May 2009, the VCT event drew a crowd of over 2,000 spectators and participants, of which 573 were tested.

In October 2009, CBSA and GRS planned two more VCT Football Tournaments for boys and girls on Independence Day (October 24th). RCPBesides the matches, GRS provided other educational activities on HIV/AIDS awareness, while Newstart and the Mayukwa-yukwa Clinic provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services to anyone who wished to be tested.

Youth Development Through Football (YDF)

Youth Development Through Sport (YDF) is a program implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in partnership with CBSA and Edusport Foundation in Zambia. The program also involves local water and sanitation organisations working in communities with high rates of water-borne diseases.ydf

CBSA and GIZ have partnered to implement Water and Sanitation Health and Hygiene (WASH) football leagues whose main aim is to utilise the power of football to empower youth and improve their life skills. The project has lined up water and sanitation activities in Ndola and Solwezi.

Core Skills Development Programme

CBSA aims to identify, support, and build upon a child’s skill and enthusiasm in a given sport. Its structure creates sporting opportunities for children with athletic ability, as well as those who are complete beginners. Young sports enthusiasts are provided with individualized programs, and their progression is monitored through monthly evaluation reports. Reports are kept in each child’s file, with a copy provided to their parents or guardianCore skillss. CBSA strives to create a community whereby young people are challenged to learn and develop teamwork while having fun.

The Sports Academy provides organised competitions with different organisations working in sport in different communities to identify players, with the aim of motivating them and linking them to local teams. Players who wish to be part of CBSA will sign a contract with parents to ensure commitment.

Staff is comprised of national and international sports specialists who regularly hold workshops for athletes and organisations engaged in sport for development. This creates broader participation among young players and will generate coaching interest for young people through Junior Sports Leadership courses under CBSA. Recreational sport will be an emphasis for the young people and the “Fair Play” and “Sport Zambia” ethos will be promoted.Core Skils

CBSA is recognized in Zambia for its capacity in promoting sports development in Zambia for under-16’s. Its focus goes beyond sport to the development of young people through health and environmental education.

LigieYathu Rural and Urban

The street football Ligie Yathu (Our League) is part of Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy programme where we organize football leagues for children from the ages of 4 to 13.2777_458571907549427_1976550059_n

The over all goal of the street football Ligie Yathu is to provide sports opportunities for the children within the framework of our target communities who otherwise have no form of organized football programs in the community.

Through the Ligie Yathu, CBSA recruits children, form up teams, trains coaches and establishes organized football leagues and tournaments right in the community.


The Ligie Yathu is a two-fold programme in which involved two leagues, one from the Urban Ligie Yathu which Private Schools and the Rural Ligie Yathu which targets  communities without access to sport and recreational programs.

The idea is to have the two leagues will meet during the summer camp program and the Ligie Yathu Sports Festival.

The urban league will support the rural league as well as act as a fundraising platform through the donations and fees that will be charged for participation in the Urban Ligie YathuLigie Yathu

The main objectives include:

– Providing sports opportunities for less privileged boys and girls within our target communities

– Capacity building for coaches, leaders and referees

– Develop youth football at grassroots level]

Environmental Project

CBSA is proud to help strengthen the communities in which its young players grow up. To clean up the environment and raise awareness on littering, CBSA conducts community cleaning in different parts of Lusaka to reduce unhygienic conditions and create more safe spaces for recreation.

ECP ProjectPlayers and coaches bring a few tools and a great deal of determination to keep the city clean and show other Zambians that something can be done to improve the neighborhoods where they live. Hopefully others will follow up on this initiative.

In addition to the clean-ups, CBSA players and coaches actively engage in tree-planting to keep the air clean.

Community Outreach Programme

The Community Outreach Programme has been designed to help promote sport within six of CBSA’s target communities. These six communities are populated by more than 500,000 individuals, of whom over 50 percent are under 16 years of age. CBSA has utilised this program to promote Outreachvolunteerism in all of its community projects, which are nearly completely run by local volunteers. CBSA has helped to set up a community committee to run sport within the six target communities. The community uses CBSA as the secretariat to run administrative work and organise workshops on HIV/AIDS, life skills, and coaching for all youth coaches.

One of the valuable projects CBSA implements within its six target communities is the Ligie Yathu’s children and youth league. This project, launched in 2008, has had great impact with the township. The number of teams has increased from just four under-10 teams to thirteen, eight under-12 teams to sixteen, teams for youths above 14 years to 14 teams, twenty-two under-18 teams and ten teams for under-18 girls.
The number of players participating has risen from 100 to more than 1,000 children and youth. CBSA also organises tournaments for league teams. They accomodate the under-10 boys who are not in the league with friendly games organized on the side.

Drop-In Sports Camp

This is an equally exciting structure for boys and girls. Drop-In Sports Camps (DSC) accommodate children once every month for a weekend and every weekend during School holidays. Children participate voluntarily and register their attendance through the camp director. Participants and their parents are not obligated to sign contracts with CBSA to participate in the sports camps; however, they are obligated to abide by the camp rules and regulations as drafted by the board members. The regulations follow standard international sports camp regulations. Drop in 1

The DSC focus on exciting sporting moments, sight-seeing, and team-building. Sports camps offer opportunities for young people in both urban and rural communities in Zambia. Parents are welcome to observe, as watching children play sports can be one of the most exciting experiences in family life.

DSC activities include rugby, soccer, cricket, softball, and, in city camps, basketball.

Footprint Township Tours

Footprint Township Tours is a unique project aimed at bringing to light the joyful vibrant township life of Lusaka. The portrayal of the townships has been, in most cases, negative. Footprint Township Tours has undertaken to change people’s understanding of township life and to show new visitors to Lusaka how people actually live — the extended bars, smiling children, happy neighbors, crowded markets with a range of Zambian products being sold, community schools, craftsmen’s dens, and dead-end streets that lead to . . . somewhere.

CBSA, the program initiator, has been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response it received after taking seven sports volunteers for a free tour. Today the project has become a key fundraising project for the Academy. Previously, our main source of income over the three years of our existence has been car washes, street corner and shopping center fundraising, and contributions from parents. Footprint Township Tours has become our biggest fundraising program.Township

Tour guides of the township tours are well travelled and have visited South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and England. The guides therefore understand the life of a backpacker, especially in Africa. Backpackers want to see the real African lifestyle in an urban setting. After going on township tours in South Africa’s Khayelitsha and Soweto townships, the experience has helped CBSA fashion the perfect tour in a Zambian context.

Footprint Township Tours takes tourists to Garden Township, an area where many CBSA players live and which provides a glimpse into authentic Zambian township life. Garden Township has a rich history. Participants can visit vibrant sites such as Uncle Don’s Booz Buzz;  Chilulu Market, with its range of products from used car parts to vegetables; The Famous Stream of Life; The Community School; The Oldest Farm House; The Oldest Madbricks Homes; The Redcross Drop-In Center; Camp David Entertainment Center; The Craftsman’s Den; and Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy, where kids showcase their abundant township soccer skills.

Health and safety is the highest priority for Footprint Township Tours. Over the years CBSA has won trust among township residents, as some of their children have participated in programs and even trips to Europe to play football. These strong community relationships ensure that tour guides are provided with up-to-date information on the area from local police and community members.

With its continuing success, Footprint Township Tours is creating new job opportunities for people in the township, as four boys from the township are newly trained tour guides.

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