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A new direction for Zambian women’s football

The first women’s football FIFA Com-Unity seminar to take place in Zambia opened in Lusaka on Monday 18 February 2013. The Football Association of Zambia and the government outlined new policy proposals and challenged stakeholders to ensure that the women’s game overcomes existing challenges and becomes a viable source of livelihood for females. The youth… Read More ›


FIFA Com – Unity Seminar 18 – 21 February 2013

First ever FIFA Women Seminar Lusaka, Zambia and Resolutions made to develop women’s Football in Zambia take it to the next level. We are grateful to the Football Association of Zambia and FIFA for organizing this important seminar for different stakeholders involved in the development women’s football. The first ever Women Football FIFA Com-Unity seminar… Read More ›


Emeldah, Dailess and Maria in the Zambia National Women’s team

Emeldah Musonda, Dailess Sakala and Maria joined two other BCSA players Kabange and Mulayi in the Zambia National Women’s team. The trio were selected as part of the team that played against South Africa, Kenya, Botswana and Malawi. The 3 girls are also part of the first Breakthrough Chiparamba girls’ team that was formed in… Read More ›

2011 Gothia Cup – Girls in Action

  The 2011 Gothia Cup was special. For the first time BCSA took a girls team to compete at the Gothia Cup in Sweden. The team which represented the country won the SKF Meet the World event in Lusaka which was sponsored by SKF. The Chilulu girls from Chilulu township won the tournament after beating… Read More ›




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