FIFA Football For Hope league starts in Lusaka


Lusaka youth and children kick start their most important league, the FIFA Football For Hope Water and Sanitation league also know as WASHE. With number of waterborne diseases increasing in the township, the peer leaders are not taking any chances. Lusaka has recently recorded cases of cholera and the league has started at the right time to  educate the communities on how to avoid getting the deadly disease – cholera.

Children’s excitement will certainly create the much needed interest and publicity for the project to make an impact in the short term. This year’s cohort have already been engaged in the use of toilets and washing their hands after. Increased number of tape water buckets have also helped to see more children try out a safe way of cleaning their hands before eating food.

Chiparamba Breakthrough is excited to turn the 9th chapter of our relationship with FIFA in providing social change in our communities and most importantly addressing health needs through information sharing.

Gothia Cup 2017

After missing out on the 2016 version of the youthful Gothia Cup tournament in Sweden, Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy has since qualified after beating Lifeskills FC in a final of the SKF Meet the World boys 14 football tournament held at Garden’s Kampala community ground.

The tournament was graced by the presence of the SKF Director and the General Manager as well as the Swedish Ambassador representing the Swedish Embassy.Gothia Cup clock starts ticking10329873_658710404211949_7494384262322897764_o

Youth Pamodzi – Girls and Boys for Change

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy’s aim is to increase the number of girls participating in sport by creating an enabling environment for their inclusion in the organisation and the surrounding communities in strengthening the voice of gender equality, self-worth and advocacy for girls and women in the undeserved communities and schools using the FIFA Football for Hope Project through the Youth Pamodzi project which was initiated in 2014 with the main goal of empowering young boys and girls in the outlined key strategic areas:

1.Education and life Skills empowerment

2.Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

3.Mentorship programs

4.Social Entrepreneurship

5.Health and Hygiene

6. Environmental Education and protection

Its envisioned that the inclusion of Girls in the activities of the organization will help provide platforms for them voice out on issues that affect them withing their communities, schools, homes and will help to network with various interest groups, individuals as well as organizations to find their own resolutions to matters that impede on their personal, economical and psychological development. In the same vein, its been recognized that in the fight against vices like, teen pregnancies, early marriages as well as STIs, we need to involve the boys in the discussions with the girls to help create understanding and help find mutually agreed resolutions.

In order to achieve all this, Chiparamba Breakthrough requires sponsorship, partnerships and networks that will go along way to increase interest and stay in such programs for the girls.

Festival16 team set for Lyon – path to peace building in our communities

Four peer leaders, one youth leader and a team leader from Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy are set to leave for Lyon in France to participate in the next Festival16 which will be hosted by Streetfootballworld and Sport dans La Ville.

The festival will take place in the heart of Lyon, France from June 28th to July 7th 2016 and will feature a football3 tournament designed to promote tolerance and youth leadership alongside an educational and cultural exchange programme. For the first time in the history of the competition, the 2016 Euros will play host to a festival celebrating the power of football to change the lives of young people.

The streetfootballworld Festival 16 will bring together 500 girls and boys from disadvantaged communities from all over the globe, chosen not for their skills on the pitch but rather their commitment to changing the world through football. At the core of the event is an exciting football3 tournament – a unique way of playing the game that incorporates key life lessons into every match. Educational workshops and cultural workshops will also feature prominently, enabling the young participants to develop new skill sets and apply them in their local communities.

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy will send four of our most deserving youth who have been involved in the development of football in their communities. The four youth have been involved in the running of the Ligie Yathu/WASH program, which also has Festival3 component which is used as part of the process of engaging communities in Water and Sanitation, as well as strengthening the need for dialogue at community level in addressing growing political violence among youth. Our young leaders will learn a lot from other youth from other countries and it’s the organisation’s hope  that our youth will add value to the process of peace building at community level.  Good luck to Patrick Phiri ( Youth Leader), Yokwesa Phiri, Elias Kabuswe , Chipo Nanja and Irene Bobo ( team Leader) on your final preparations to one of the biggest youth festival.

Source: festival16/CBSA







The Football3 Skills Cup brings smiles to 400 kids

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2015 ended with a 400 smiles after a week long skills cup which was organised by our Peer Leader Patrick Phiri. The tournament was well attended with teams of boys and girls playing competitive football games and also attending Football3 three activities and promoting a drugs free culture through the Drugs Enforcement Commission.

The Football3 activities are part of the preparation by the 4 youth who are scheduled to travel to France in 2016 for  the Festival 16 which will be held in Lyon, France.

Some of the children spoken to said this was their best event of the year because of the atmosphere of friendship and good competition.

Patrick Phiri who organised the event for the second year in a roll was excited with the outcome especially that partners such as Bauleni Sports Academy was present at the event.

Kenneth Chulu talks about Football Development on Brazilian TV


Kenneth Chulu’s contribution to a sport which helped shape his future come under spotlight when he was featured on Brazilian TV. Kenneth who is currently in Brazil participating at the on going Futsal Grand Prix tournament explained how his passion for football has enabled him to help other children as part of his contribution to his community – Garden township. Kenneth talked about how he works with Circolo to engage more children play futsal through a league which is sponsored by Samsung.

Kenneth who started as an under 14 player at Chiparamba Breakthrough has become a coach and mentor for over 150 children from the same area he hails from. Most of the children and youth see him as role model and this has helped to raise the profile of football development in his community. Kenneth is currently working on a Skills Cup project with Patrick Luwe as part of the Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy annual event. The event which will involve Football3 activities will take place on the 13th of November, 2015.

By CBSA Amin

Dunross & Co to continue supporting communities in Zambia


We would like to thank Dunross & Co (Sweden) for the continued support of Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy. This year, Dunross have recommitted their support to helping children and youth in Zambia to realize their potential and become good citizens of Zambia. To this date, Dunross & Co has helped to support over 10,000 children and youth over the last 10 years which is a remarkable achievement.

Dunross & Co support will continue supporting our football development programs which include maintenance of football facilities, feeding players, transportation for teams, affiliation fees for all 8 football teams and most importantly buying football related equipment.

BCSA Admin.