BCSA Coaches of the Moment June 2012

Coach Kaunda Mukonde and Coach Edson Sialutaba are the BCSA Coaches of the Moment for the month of June 2012. Coach Kaunda and coach Edson during the Africa Cup nations tour in LusakaCoach Kaunda joined BCSA in 2006 as coach of the BCSA Under – 12. He is also a former football legend in Zambia and has played in the national first division. From 2008 – 2011, he was involved in the Refugee Camp project as a football coach facilitator.


Coach Edson joined BCSA in 2004 and is currently managing one of the BCSA sites in Emmasdale which has over 80 boys and girls.

They are all hard working coaches and have contributed to the development of BCSA programs in the community. In 2009, they both took charge of the BCSA girls’ team and have contributed to developing skills of young aspiring girls’ football players through tournaments, leagues and trainings. In 2011, they participated in the 2011 Gothia Cup as coaches of the first BCSA girls team that travel to Sweden.

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