BCSA Organizes the Lucas Independence Tourney.


Alive & Kicking has teamed up with the Zambian Street Football Network and TackleAfrica to run the second Lucas Foundation Football Tournament following on from a successful event in 2010. The 2011 event will take place in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and will involve teams from underprivileged communities across the city.


TackleAfrica is a charity that uses the power of football to raise awareness of the issues that surround HIV and AIDS. They run training events for local NGO’s so that educators can go out into their communities and deliver potentially lifesaving information to young people across the country. TackleAfrica will support the HIV and AIDS education awareness sessions during the tournament.


The event will invite teams for both boys and girls at Under 14 level as this age group is often ignored in Lusaka. Approximately 16 teams will compete in a 7 a side format but it is hoped the number of teams can be increased.


Projected Tournament Outcomes

·       Communities and local organisations from across Lusaka will be given an opportunity to network, sharing experiences and ideas.

·    Approximately 200 children will compete in a fun and well organised tournament with approximately 400 young people having access to HIV and AIDS awareness sessions.

The participating teams, as well as other teams who come to take part in the health education sessions, will be given Lucas FC Foundation balls to support the development of their programs

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