BCSA participates in the Web 2.0 Training


Web 2.0 refers to free and low cost interactive based based services used to connect people organizations and companies regardless of their geographical location. Web 2.0 tools are usually referred to as Social media. From the 16 – 20 of April 2012 BCSA was invited to participate in the Web 2.0 training

www.web2fordev.net/home/1-latest-news/156-web2lo-istt-zam  taking place at the In Service Training http://istt.ac.zm/. The course has introduced us to web 2.0 tools. Social media can be useful in development both at personal and organizational development. Organizations and individuals can connect with a wider international audience this can lead to various advantages which include: partnerships, collaboration, sharing and networking at a low cost.

At Breakthrough Sports Academy we have used various social media to promote our work and reach a wider audience. The platforms include:




The one major advantage with social media and web 2.0 tools is that they are user generated however access to internet is critical to using them. This has an effect on limiting accessibility in remote areas were internet access is almost non existent or difficult. Social networking sites are websites that have the technology for social media. There are many different social networks that exist currently and they address different focus areas such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. The choice is upon the user to choose which social network best fits their preference.

Furthermore to have access to a you will need to register on a specific specific social network and create your own profile. After creating a profile you will have wide access to so many services which include:

– Linking up with friends/colleagues who have a profile on that social network

– Sharing, networking and getting information

– Branding and marketing of organizations, products or individuals

– Knowledge and skills via discussions

As social networks provide a platform that allows people to publish to the world, information and knowledge sharing has improved. Access to information is no longer a major challenge but a major challenge still remains and that is internet access.


The growth of social networks has resulted in them account for the majority of internet traffic. For example facebook is a social networking service and website oerarated by and as February 2012 had more that 845 millioon active users. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook.

On 2012 March 2012 Skype number of users reached 37,555,034 and was the highest count reported that day. http://skypejournal.com/blog/category/statistics/

As of February 9, 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories. http://press.linkedin.com/about

These statistics should provide data that is concrete to show the power of social networks.

Other challenges that come with social networks besides internet access include:

– They are challenging the traditional organizational processses

– Privacy

In conclusion social networks present a new platform for communicating and sharing information. The effectiveness of social networks is that they connect people and provide a means of communicating around a common goal.

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