1. Refugee Camp Projects (Mayukwayukwa, Nangweshi and Maheba)

refugee 1

Since 2005 BCSA and Grassroot Soccer have been working in the refugee camps of Mayukwa-yukwa, Nangweshi and Maheba and have set up a continuous football league and HIV education program for girls’ and boys’ football teams. BCSA has also trained local leaders in coaching and event management who have continued to support the football structures within refugee camps. The startup project was funded by International Organisation for Migration .

In 2009, UNHCR contracted BCSA and GRS to continue HIV/AIDS awareness and training of football leaders in the refugee camps, and the two organizations have since organized Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) tournaments in May 2009, the VCT event drew in a crowd of over 2000 spectators and participants, of which 573 were tested.


In October 2009, BCSA and GRS planned two more VCT-Football-tournament for boys and girls on Independence Day (October 24th). Besides the matches GRS provided other educational activities on HIV/AIDS awareness, while Newstart and the Mayukwa-yukwa clinic provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services to anyone who wished


2. GIZ Youth Development through Football 


Youth Development through Football (YDF) is a program implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in partnership with local sports Non-Governmental Organisations – BCSA and Edusport Foundation. The program also involves local water and sanitation organisations working in communities with high rate of water-borne diseases.

BCSA and GIZ have partnered to implement Water and Sanitation Health and Hygiene (WASH) football leagues whose main aim  is to utilise the power of football to empower youth and improve their life skills. The project has lined up water and sanitation activities in Ndola and Solwezi.


3. Zambia Streetfootball Network 


In 2006, BCSA established the Zambia Street Football Network (ZSFN) whereby staff working in football-based organisations could come together to play football and share tools with one another for using sport as a tool for development. The major focus of the network is to learn from best practices and collaboration to better organise exciting sports and recreational activities for children and youth.

BSA is heavily involved in the strategic planning and management of the ZSFN. The network has three other partners, Grassroot Soccer, Kalim Sports Council and Bauleni Sports Academy, who are involved implementing community projects using football as a tool and HIV/AIDS education. BCSA has in the last three years helped to organize local events in Lusaka aimed at increasing participation within the ZSFN communities. The network plans to increase the number of participating partners within Zambia.

The ZSFN is a project supported in the framework of the Football for Hope Movement. The Football for Hope Movement is the key element of the strategic alliance between FIFA and streetfootballworld that has recently been enacted. The objective is to establish a quality seal for sustainable social and human development programs focusing on football as the central tool in areas of health promotion; peace building; anti-discrimination and social integration; children’s rights and education; as well as environment to support best practices in the field. BSA is a proud implementing partner of the Football for Hope Movement and the ZSFN.

CISCO Networking Academy- microsoft word/ excel/ outlook; IT in hardware and software maintenance train coaches project managers in IT to better develop program administration, monitoring and evaluation, train young leaders in IT


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