BCSA’s contributions to the Zambia national team

BCSA’s contributions to the Zambia national team

Team spirit, brotherhood, faith, hard work and team work characterised the Zambian national team at the last Africa Cup held in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Perhaps this does sums up what it takes to be a champion. To many Zambians this has been the journey which never seemed to end especially after losing 18 players in a plane crash in 1993. For sure winning the Africa Cup is part of that milestone achieved in the journey of one day reaching the World Cup.It is hard to imagine that a few years ago some of the young players played in the dusty townships of Zambia. Challenging each other and dreaming of one day playing for mother Zambia. This is the dream many other young players have across the country and yes it is possible to dream and achieve what many would say is impossible. The journey might seem long and rough but it is possible with hard work and support.As Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy (BCSA), we are proud to be part of the journey, a journey many people believe in and support through various contributions. Since 1999, we have reached more than 10,000 children and we have used soccer as tool, a tool most young people use to escape some of the social challenges most communities face in Zambia.

Among the more than 10, 000 children reached, over 23 players have contributed to Zambia’s quest to win her first Africa Cup since the development program started in 1999. Some of the players are Jimmy Chisenga, Boyd Mwila,William Njovu, Clifford Mulenga, Yorum Mwila, Given Singulume and Dominic Yobe. The 2012 AFCON is however special because 6 of those many young players have won the biggest prize in African Soccer.

Davies Nkause and Hichani Himoonde are two of the boys who have won gold for Zambia and are part of the boys who have been part of BCSA youth development program. The other players who have gone through the World Aids day youth tournament organised by Breakthrough Chiparamba in partnership with Grassroot Soccer are Rainford Kalaba, Emmanuel Mayukwa, Chisamba Lungu and Stophila Sunzu. As BCSA we feel that Grassroot Soccer games did not just teach them life skills and HIV prevention but the players also learnt how to be good role models. As an academy we will use some of these achievements to bring positive change to more youths in the country. We hope to use more of our new heroes to send positive HIV/AIDS massages and other life skills to our population through soccer whose participation rate will triple after winning the AFCON.


As BCSA, we are very proud to be part of Zambia’s soccer success story which to many of the players began from a humble background. A background that positioned Zambian soccer players at the AFCON as true professionals who carried themselves with true patriotism and support for one another on and off the soccer pitch.  We would like to thank Street Football World and FIFA for the support that helped to us to involve some of the AFCON players in the league development since 2007. The children who worked with these stars will for ever see them as their heroes.

Some of the young from the 2003 group who won the Africa Cup for Zambia in 2012.

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