First Zambia Street Football Network Trainers of Trainers Workshop

From 27th to 30th April, BSA and the Zambia Street Football Network(ZSFN) organized the first Trainers of Trainers workshop. For four days participants from BSA, Bauleni United Sports Academy, Kalim Sports Council, Play Soccer Zambia and City of Hope attended the workshop. The target participants were mostly youth peer leaders from ZSFN members and partners. The topics covered during the workshop included networking; community mapping; the football for hope movement; event management; fund raising and leadership and Volunteerism.


The participants further gave their feedback over the development of the manual. It was very interesting to see the wealth of knowledge as well as diversity of the participants.

Our strategic focus  implementing our own football leagues within the framework of the ZSFN. The workshop acted a consultation point for us as the leaders and our participants. The participants of the workshop were introduced to the concept of development through football and the ZSFN. The workshop further acted a platform for peer educators from different township to share their experience and network. At the end of the workshop a youth committee that consisted of 11 participants from BSA, BUSA, KSC, Play Soccer and city of Hope was established. The youth committee will together with the ZSFN project team plan the way forward for the development of of the network programs and activities. Among the planned activities is to develop a plan of action for the establishment of football leagues within the framework of the ZSFN.


For BSA and the ZSFN, the first Trainers of Trainers workshop was a great success not only in terms of attendance but provided a platform for the peer leaders from the different communities get insight into the concept of development through football. The ZSFN invited a local organization Sport In Action who came in to assist with faciliatation in Event Management; fund raising and Action planning.

Based on the feedback from the participants, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of both strengthening the programs and the ZSFN. More training are required in future and we are looking for different partners to collaborate with in this regard. Training include Project Management, Football Coaching, refereeing and Leadership development.

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