Footprint Township Tour Project

The  is a unique project aimed at bringing to light the joyful vibrant township life of Lusaka. The townships have been portrayed in a different way and in most cases, negative. Footprint Township Tours has embarked in this project to try and change people’s understanding on township life and also to show our new visitors to Lusaka how people live. Some notable township vibes range from extended bars, smiling children, happy neighbors, crowded markets with a range of Zambian products being sold, community schools, th crafts man’s den and dead end streets which lead to somewhere.

BCSA, the program initiator has been overwhelmed by the response it received after taking 7 sports volunteers for a free tour. The response by the community and the volunteers was positive. Today the project has been improved and it has become a key fundraising project by the Academy. BCSA is a non profit community based organization which aims at promoting sport in the township. Its main source of income over the three years of its existence has been doing fundraising through car wash, street corner and shopping center fundraising, and contributions from parents. This project will remain the biggest fundraising program to raise money for the increasing expenditures on running the academy, paying for school fees for children who have devoted their time to BSA.

Tour guides of the township tours are well travelled and have visited South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland,Australia, Norway, Sweden and England. The guides therefore understand the life of a backpacker, especially in Africa. Backpacking in South Africa brings a lot of similarities in the needs of a tourists when it comes to an urban setting. They want to see the real African life style in an urban setting. After going on township tours in South Africa’s Khayelitsha and Soweto townships, the experience has helped BSA set the perfect tour in a Zambian context.


The Footprint township tours takes tourists to Garden Township, an area where many BCSA players live and which provides a glimpse into the  ‘real’ Zambian township life. It also stands out to have a rich history and participants can visit vibrant sites such as Uncle Dons Booz Buzz;  Chilulu Market which has a range of products from from old car parts to vegetables; The Famous Stream of Life; The Community School; The Oldest Farm House;  The Oldest Madbricks Homes; The Redcross Drop-In Center; Camp David Entertainment Center; The Craftsman’s Den; and Breakthrough Sports Academy, where kids show case their abundant township soccer skills.


Health and safety is the main priority for a successful tour and this component is taken on seriously. Over the years BCSA has won trust among the locals as some of their children have participated in programs and even trips to Europe to play football.  This relationship ensures that tour guides are provided with up to date information on the area from local police and community members.

The township tours have just created a new dimension towards creating new opportunities for people in the township, as four boys from the township are newly trained tour guides. We wish you all welcome on a real township tour in the heart of Lusaka.


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