Leaving Footprints; BIG Success of the YDF program

Members of the Youth Development project (YDF) celebrated three years of successful cooperation on the YDF project. Edson from Breakthrough Chiparamba was invited to share some of the success the organisation scored in the last 3 years of implementation of Water and Sanitation activities which were implemented in Lusaka, Copperbelt and North Western provinces of Zambia.ydf

During the meeting, it was reported that the YDF changed the lives of approximately 120 000 girls and boys throughout South Africa and nine other African countries. More than 70 per cent of the youths that participate in YDF activities report improved self-confidence; over 80 per cent see themselves as role models; and more than 40 per cent display a significant decrease in antisocial behaviour in terms of demonstrating less violent, unethical and discriminatory behaviour.

The success of the project in Zambia has received support from GIZ in Zambia. GIZ noted that Zambia had successful partners on the ground who worked very hard to meet project goals. Because of this success, BCSA applied for funding from FIFA to continue implementing the Water and Sanitation programs in Ndola. Through the FIFA Football For Hope program, FIFA has allocated funds for BCSA to continue working with youth people to improve their knowledge in healthy practices.

Water and Sanitation being a big agenda in the government programs, we are happy  to play a role and support other partners in providing health education through football.

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