Peer leader Widson Nyirenda travels to Norway for the World Record attempt

The world’s longest “futsal” match (indoor soccer) kicks off September 14 – 16 in the KVT-Hallen in Trondheim, Norway. Aid in Action’s work in Zambia is on the agenda, and the money raised will go to building a youth sports centre at Breakthrough Sports Academy in Lusaka. The current world record was set by Japan last year, and is 37 hours. Guinness has very strict rules for how world records are to be set, and these have to be followed promptly if the world record is to be acknowledged. 24 players can participate. One of these is Widson Nyirenda from Zambia – who may be the first person from Zambia to set a world record.


Widson has since travelled to Norway to participate in the world record attempt.

Our dream is to raise enough money to build a sports youth centre to help and motivate youths to get jobs. It can be very difficult to get a job in Zambia, and many need help to think of possibilities and innovation. We therefore wish to offer education and guidance to help them find work or create their own job. Read more about this in Back to school – project on the BCSA website All money raised from the attempt to set a world record will be spent on centre.

You can help us making this a reality by a donation to account no. 9680.39.62194 marked “Verdensrekord” [world record] in a Norwegian bank account.

We wish Widson Nyirenda all the best.

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