What the Gothia Cup means to the boys and girls

As we get closer to the 2012 Gothia Cup, we would like to review some of those candid moments in our 11 years of participation at the Gothia Cup. But first we would like to mention that the Gothia Cup is the largest youth tournament in the world with over 1500 teams from over 70 countries participate each year. According to Gothia Cup “the 38th edition of the Gothia Cup starts on 15 July it is with a larger and more international participation than ever before – a total of 1625 teams from 80 different countries”.

skf jersey

This shows why most young players from Zambia work hard to participate in the local programs with a hope of travelling to Sweden. Over the years we have helped to realize dreams of over 500 young players between the age 0f 10 and 18 years with a trip to Sweden. We have participated in over 100 matches and have won the Gothia cup 4 times. We have also been part of the Gothia Cup media campaigns as well as opening ceremonies which are cherished by many young players. The Gothia Cup forms part of “an escape” for week to a place many other Zambians only dream to visit. The boys and girls spend a week playing football, making friends, singing and dancing. Such is the spirit of the Gothia Cup which is told to many young people who in turn want to experience that sweet memory only carried by their friends.

We made history in 2011 by sending a girls team for the first time. The girls left a very positive image in Sweden with their traditional dance and song exploits which was captured in the Swedish media. This created a very encouraging platform for young girls who have joined playing football and hoping to play at the Gothia Cup one day.

This year, our boys 18 team will be competing after a 3 year absence and we hope they will achieve their goal of playing in the finals.  Our group has 147 other teams from 32 different countries. The teams are divided into 36 different groups, where of Breakthrough Chiparamba will be in group 3 together with Sävedalens IFStar Finder UnitedSSC Hagen Ahrensburg and IFK Arvidsjaur.

Participation at the Gothia cup this year will be an emotional one after losing one of our most influential Gothia Cup captain who died in a road accident on 12th of June, 2012. We hope we can carry on his dream and win the Gothia Cup.

Good luck boys

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