2013 BCSA Staff and Volunteer Orientation

Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy successfully completed the three day staff and Volunteer orientation workshop that was held between 16thand 17th February 2013. was held at Northmead basic school. The  staff and Volunteer orientation workshop was attended by the following is the participants


1 Malanga Jeff Director 260954205590 malangajeff@webmail.co.za
2 Mengo Kelvin Finance and Administration 260978515089 Kelvinmengo86@gmail.com
3 Sialutaba Edson Programs Manager 260977517836 edsonsialutaba@yahoo.co.uk
4 Mukonde Kaunda Head coach 260978581382 kaundamukonde@yahoo.com
5 Lungu Dickson Head Coach 260979014087 Dicksonlungu86@gmail.com
6 Nyirenda Witson Back to School  officer 260968171975 witnyirenda@gmail.com
7 Chulu Kenneth Coach 260978042813 kennethchulu@gmail.com
8 Mwale Alinafe Head coach Basket ball 260979309125 alinafemwale@gmail.com



  • One of the major objectives of the workshop was to make or staff and volunteers familiar with the FIFA Football For Hope Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project that will be implemented in Lusaka and the Copperbelt provinces.
  • Secondly the workshop was meant to review the year 2012 and come up with solutions for all the challenges and improve on the successes in 2013.
  • The participants were made aware of the programs, work plan and 2013 budget and at the same time allow them to make any contributions just to improve on what we already have.
  • It was for the idea that we reviewed and sign some policies.
  • Lastly it was also to introduce the new members of staff to the volunteers.



  • There was full participation by most of the participants. It was clear that people knew what they were doing at the workshop. The group was never short of questions and answers in each and every session we did. To us they were two important things, it was either they knew or they wanted to know more about the topics. If they missed something they never allowed the facilitator to move on. What a great group of staff and volunteers we had.
  • Members came up with great ideas on how best we can run the WASH FFH Ligie Yathu and tournaments to the benefit of the community, children and junior leaders. They really show that they are truly event masters. With such kind of member we are happy to say that the project is in safe hands. The knowledge, skills and the heart they showed was clear to us that they are ready to give the junior leaders their experience.
  • Volunteers and staff were happy with lunch and breakfast arrangement. They all showed that they enjoyed the meals. In the workshop assessments they all loved the food we ordered.
  • The services from the school were very great, very clean toilets and classroom and to add it all, the participants maintained cleanness of the classroom and toilets while we had the workshop.
  • Like we stated above, the schedule was followed just like we planned.
  • Copies and materials for the workshop were done one week before the first day of the workshop.
  • Communication was great because participants were informed two weeks before the start of the workshop and two day before the start we reminded everyone.
  • Despite people being busy, we had a full house as most of the invited people attended the workshop. We agree that the weekend was not the best but our staff and volunteers showed commitment. They made this workshop a big success.



  • Just as much as we followed the schedule of the workshop, starting time was not observed maybe it was because of the fact that it was a weekend and people had a lot of things to do.


  • Next time it will be better to plan for a workshop like this one on the working days.
  • We need to also make a lot of follow up because of people don’t know the importance of such workshop.
  • Involve most of the volunteers on the planning for a workshop just to be on the same page because the days that we would end up with will be suitable for everyone.


Next time as we plan for a workshop we should consider involving participants and consider having workshops on full time working days as a way to avoid other commits as coaches may be busy with league games and tournament repetitively. The most important thing was for us to achieve the objectives we set. For more details on the topics done during the workshop, see the schedule below


BCSA Staff and volunteers


Day 1 Day 2


Introduction Swedish Funding/SKF Project


Review of 2012

  • Successes
  • Challenges
  • Way Forward
FFH Project

  • Overview of the program
  • Event management
  • Jwashe




Review of 2012 Continuation Staff and volunteer contracts


BCSA Structure/Plans 2013

  • Environmental clean up
  • GRS partnership




Task Descriptions Signing of Contracts


Staff and volunteer Policies, Code of Conduct,

  • Child protection policy
  • Staff policy
  • Reporting policy
  • Financial policy
Group photos
Closing remarks and orientation training.

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