Festival16 team set for Lyon – path to peace building in our communities

Four peer leaders, one youth leader and a team leader from Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy are set to leave for Lyon in France to participate in the next Festival16 which will be hosted by Streetfootballworld and Sport dans La Ville.

The festival will take place in the heart of Lyon, France from June 28th to July 7th 2016 and will feature a football3 tournament designed to promote tolerance and youth leadership alongside an educational and cultural exchange programme. For the first time in the history of the competition, the 2016 Euros will play host to a festival celebrating the power of football to change the lives of young people.

The streetfootballworld Festival 16 will bring together 500 girls and boys from disadvantaged communities from all over the globe, chosen not for their skills on the pitch but rather their commitment to changing the world through football. At the core of the event is an exciting football3 tournament – a unique way of playing the game that incorporates key life lessons into every match. Educational workshops and cultural workshops will also feature prominently, enabling the young participants to develop new skill sets and apply them in their local communities.

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy will send four of our most deserving youth who have been involved in the development of football in their communities. The four youth have been involved in the running of the Ligie Yathu/WASH program, which also has Festival3 component which is used as part of the process of engaging communities in Water and Sanitation, as well as strengthening the need for dialogue at community level in addressing growing political violence among youth. Our young leaders will learn a lot from other youth from other countries and it’s the organisation’s hope  that our youth will add value to the process of peace building at community level.  Good luck to Patrick Phiri ( Youth Leader), Yokwesa Phiri, Elias Kabuswe , Chipo Nanja and Irene Bobo ( team Leader) on your final preparations to one of the biggest youth festival.

Source: festival16/CBSA







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