Youth Pamodzi – Girls and Boys for Change

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy’s aim is to increase the number of girls participating in sport by creating an enabling environment for their inclusion in the organisation and the surrounding communities in strengthening the voice of gender equality, self-worth and advocacy for girls and women in the undeserved communities and schools using the FIFA Football for Hope Project through the Youth Pamodzi project which was initiated in 2014 with the main goal of empowering young boys and girls in the outlined key strategic areas:

1.Education and life Skills empowerment

2.Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

3.Mentorship programs

4.Social Entrepreneurship

5.Health and Hygiene

6. Environmental Education and protection

Its envisioned that the inclusion of Girls in the activities of the organization will help provide platforms for them voice out on issues that affect them withing their communities, schools, homes and will help to network with various interest groups, individuals as well as organizations to find their own resolutions to matters that impede on their personal, economical and psychological development. In the same vein, its been recognized that in the fight against vices like, teen pregnancies, early marriages as well as STIs, we need to involve the boys in the discussions with the girls to help create understanding and help find mutually agreed resolutions.

In order to achieve all this, Chiparamba Breakthrough requires sponsorship, partnerships and networks that will go along way to increase interest and stay in such programs for the girls.

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